• As competencies are linked to business objectives or business strategies, aligning the two is more effective and convenient for the business, making it more streamlined
    • Identifying and using core competencies to create goods & services results in major contributions to the companies competitiveness
    • Staff turnover is reduced if competency-based job descriptions are used, as candidates whom are best suited for the role are hired[.
  • Ease of hiring and Talent utilization.


  • Laying down policies for resource  allocation and management
  • Implementing &directing organization goals.
  • Responsibilities management of at macro level for desired objectives .
  • Aspiration level positions Managing Directors .CEO ,Profit Centre head .
  • Vertical  Management, Marketing, Market Related Services , IT , Production Services, Emerging Technology
  • Product Planning
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Sales and Customer Contact.
  • Social Media


Middle Ware, Web, Net Work, Technologies, Wire Less, VPN, Media Related


IT-Software / Software Services

Functional Area:

  • IT Software – Application Programming , Maintenance
  • Soft Ware Services : Programming& Design
  • Research and Development
  • Design
  • Production process

Research, Design and Application

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Material Science
  • Displays
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • IT and communications
  • Medical
  • Neuro Science
  • Military
  • Outer space
  • 12 Robotics
  • 13 Transport